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  • my boys
    Kim Ellis
  • Picture of Karen Payne
    Karen Payne
  • Me with my youngest daughter at the  Grand Canyon
    Maggie Holm
  • Picture of Lori Wike
    Lori Wike
  • with a student and his family 6/12
    jackie winn
  • Julie Way
    Julie Way
  • Picture of Jennifer Petrovich
    Jennifer Petrovich
  • Me
    Kimberly Shapiro
  • Picture of Kimberly Houghtaling
    Kimberly Houghtaling
  • Picture of Claudia Bruce
    Claudia Bruce
  • Picture of Peter Monether
    Peter Monether
  • Alison Hapka
    Alison Hapka
  • Picture of Kathy Mahanes
    Kathy Mahanes
  • My dog, Charlie and myself
    Tina Kervin
  • Picture of Matt Treamer
    Matt Treamer
  • Picture of Aimee Carignan
    Aimee Carignan
  • Picture of Caryl McPherson
    Caryl McPherson
  • Picture of Kathleen Ragonese
    Kathleen Ragonese
  • Picture of Brenda Mohr
    Brenda Mohr
  • Picture of Andrea Tartsa
    Andrea Tartsa
  • kayaker
    Jean Kobeski
  • I love the woods; if it wasn't for the bugs and lack of sun, I'd have my house surrounded by it!
    Katie Donovan
  • Picture of Carrie Cormier
    Carrie Cormier
  • Picture of Cathy Strople
    Cathy Strople