Using Moodle for Online Course Participation and Access

There are a variety of tutorial videos available on YouTube which could help you understand how to use our Moodle Course Management System. There are Using Moodle playlists available on the OPEN NH YouTube Channel that may help.

Playlist for Participants

Playlist for Instructors

User Profile Accounts with OPEN NH Moodle

Welcome to our new Session of OPEN NH courses. We are now running all of our OPEN NH courses on our newly enhanced OPEN NH Moodle 2.0 course management system.

If you have a previous login with OPEN NH Moodle at, you are fine and will be able to enroll or be enrolled in the courses or tutorials.

If you have never taken a course with OPEN NH before, or have never taken one on our OPEN NH Moodle system, you will need a new user profile account with OPEN NH. Your user profile will be set up for you and you will receive an email with your username and your temporary password. Upon your first login, you will be prompted to select a new password. Your passwords must have at least 8 characters, and must have at least one each of: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, symbol.

Note: Due to the tremendous number of spammers who establish user profiles, and clog our system with spam the ability to establish your own user profile has been suspended.

Enrolling into a Course on OPEN NH Moodle

Once in the system, your instructor will either send you an enrollment key with instructions for getting into your course, or will enroll you into the course themselves. If your instructor decides to enroll you into the course, you will not need an enrollment key.

You will be contacted either way and will be given instructions for getting into your course.

Enrolling into a Self Paced Tutorial on OPEN NH Moodle

Once you register for the tutorial, and your registration is received by the OPEN NH Coordinator, you will be enrolled in the tutorial and sent an email. If you already have a user profile established, you will be able to access the tutorial with your normal login. If you do not have a user profile, one will be established for you, and you will be sent information on getting into the tutorial.

Last modified: Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 9:43 AM