unit 7 Using Self Reflection to Enhance Learning



Another component used in online learning courses to enhance your learning experience is self reflection. This is a powerful tool for professional development. In an online course, you are constantly being asked to reflect on your knowledge and learning and write about it. Through your initial discussion posts and in your responses to others, your own thoughts on the content and its relevance to your situation are constantly being self assessed. As you learn more, your confidence about the content grows, as does your ability to apply it in your teaching practice. All OPEN NH courses have the option of graduate credits through Plymouth State University. A final reflection paper is a requirement for graduate credit. The paper asks you to reflect on the significance of your learning in the course. There are many levels of significance in learning, depending on the overall result of learning. In this tutorial, you will explore the meaning of self reflection in online courses.



After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Identify strategies for using reflection to enhance learning.
  • Understand the importance of self reflection in online learning.
  • Use reflection in your professional teaching and learning practices.


Read Chapter 12. Learning Through Reflection in Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind by Art Costa and Bena Kallick to get a lot of useful information about the use of self reflection as a learning tool. 

Watch Reflection in Learning: A Basic Introduction on You Tube to get a basic introduction to reflection.

Then watch Learning Through Reflection and Self-Assessment for an example of how reflection can be used to enhance and support learning.

Links For your convenience, the web addresses for the links in the readings and Activities Sections are provided below.

text   Chapter 12. Learning Through Reflection    http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/108008/chapters/Learning-Through-Reflection.aspx

movie or video   Reflection in Learning: A Basic Introduction     https://youtu.be/2wHANninAl4

movie or video   Learning Through Reflection and Self-Assessment     https://youtu.be/V2ZvxsRjXbo

text   Learning Through Reflection     http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/development/reflection.html



Review Donald Clark's webpage on Learning Through Reflection.  The information and resources there should reinforce your earlier reading.

discussion    Reflection Discussion

Go to the Discussion Forum for this unit.

Write an initial post that reflects on what you learned in this tutorial.  Use these discussion starter questions to frame your reflections.  Consider the analysis of readiness for online learning that you did for orientation.

  • How has taking this tutorial increased your readiness for online learning?
  • In what ways has this learning been significant for you?
  • Describe how reflection can be used in all aspects of online learning, such as discussion, projects, readings and activities, and feedback.
  • How does reflection make learning more active?

Return to the Discussion Forum throughout the unit and read the initial posts of your classmates.  Respond to at least two of your classmates with a reflective analysis of their initial thoughts.  Use your experiences in the course, the readings and videos, and the thoughts of your classmates to support your ideas and deepen the discussion. 

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