unit 6 Using Feedback to Enhance Learning



In this unit you will consider how constructive feedback can be used to enhance learning in an online course. In a discussion based online course model, peer and instructor feedback are equally important. As you participate in online discussions, commenting to your classmates on their posts provides you with an opportunity to enhance your own learning by thinking about the content in terms of what others say about it, or don’t say about it. Responding to your classmates and commenting on their posts provides them with constructive feedback on their own learning and understanding of the material. Teaching and learning occur at the same time as you develop comments that others can use to enhance their own learning. In this tutorial, you will explore the affects of good feedback and its importance in e-Learning.



After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Understand how constructive feedback is used to enhance learning.
  • Understand that participants in online courses must both give and receive feedback from instructors and classmates alike.
  • Identify strategies for giving and receiving feedback that deepens understanding and learning.


Read Four Good Reasons Why Students Need Instructor Feedback in Online Courses from Online Learning Insights to get an idea of the importance of instructor feedback for learning.

Watch the You Tube Video Quality and Training Solutions – E-learning

Watch the You Tube Video Instructor and Classmate Comments


Links For your convenience, the web addresses for the links in the readings and Activities Sections are provided below.

text   Four Good Reasons Why Students Need Instructor Feedback in Online Courses    https://onlinelearninginsights.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/four-good-reasons-why-students-need-instructor-feedback-in-online-courses/

movie or video   Quality and Training Solutions- E-learning   https://youtu.be/j9MkaLM4Ugg
movie or video   Instructor and Classroom Comments    https://youtu.be/8q20NBPEYgE

text   9 Tips To Give and Receive eLearning Feedback    http://elearningindustry.com/9-tips-give-receive-elearning-feedback

text   Effective Feedback Strategies for the Online Classroom    http://www.facultyfocus.com/articles/online-education/effective-feedback-strategies-online-classroom/



Read 9 Tips To Give and Receive eLearning Feedback from eLearning Industry.  The article gives tips for both giving and receiving feedback.  Think about how these tips fit into you as student and teacher.  Then read the Faculty Focus article, Effective Feedback Strategies for the Online Classroom, for ideas about feedback from the instructors perspective.


discussion    Using Feedback Discussion

Go to the Discussion Forum for this unit.

The first video speaks to the collaborative nature of e-Learning while the second video demonstrates the use of constructive feedback in a real life situation. Consider your own experiences with giving and receiving feedback.Post a substantive comment that addresses these discussion starter questions.  

  • How does the nature of the online environment change the impact of the feedback you receive from others?
  • How does the online environment change the way you can give feedback to others?
  • Explain how feedback enriches the experiences for both learner and teacher.

Return to this Discussion Forum throughout the unit and read the comments of your classmates.  Post thoughtful responses to at least two other classmates that extend their ideas and comments using information from the readings and videos to support your ideas.  Practice giving meaningful feedback through your discussion responses.

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