Unit 7 Discussion Forum

discussionReflection Discussion Forum

Write an initial post that reflects on what you learned in this tutorial.  Use these discussion starter questions to frame your reflections.  Consider the analysis of readiness for online learning that you did for orientation.

  • How has taking this tutorial increased your readiness for online learning?
  • In what ways has this learning been significant for you?
  • Describe how reflection can be used in all aspects of online learning, such as discussion, projects, readings and activities, and feedback.
  • How does reflection make learning more active?

Return to the Discussion Forum throughout the unit and read the initial posts of your classmates.  Respond to at least two of your classmates with a reflective analysis of their initial thoughts.  Use your experiences in the course, the readings and videos, and the thoughts of your classmates to support your ideas and deepen the discussion. 

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