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Creating School Based Change through Future Ready Planning

Stan Freeda in 2009
Creating School Based Change through Future Ready Planning
by Stan Freeda - Monday, September 17, 2018, 10:44 AM

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NHSTE, in partnership with the following organizations, is excited to launch Future Ready NH!

  • NHSAA - School Administrators Assn
  • NHCTO Council - NH CoSN Affiliate
  • NHSLMA - Library Media Assn

The Creating School Based Change through Future Ready Planning Workshop is designed for school-based leaders (Principals, Librarians, and Instructional Coaches) to explore effective school-based leaderships strategies that assist with the transformation and modernization of student learning through the support from the FRS Framework. Grounded in leadership and school culture, participants will create a plan for building strong instructional partnerships, develop an understanding of change management, and explore effective strategies and tools that support the development of a Future Ready school, while building the capacity of like-minded educators in their region.

Registration includes  lunch and a host of FREE resources to move your district forward.  Register at

Target Audience:

Districts whose superintendent has already signed the Future Ready Pledge are the primary audience for this first Future Ready NH! launch.  Districts are requested to send teams of at least two attendees, to include one school-level administrator and one educator.  Click here to see if YOUR superintendent has signed the Future Ready Pledge.

Workshop Facilitator: Brianna Hodges

Brianna is a passionate change agent, mother of two, a true CrAZy One and learning enthusiast, Brianna serves as the Director of Digital Learning and iCHAMPION Evangelist for Stephenville ISD in Texas. Recognized as 2017 Texas EdTech of the Year, EdDive’s 2018 K12 Administrator to Watch, she also serves as National Advisor for Future Ready Instructional Coaches. Brianna believes that true learning experiences in every facet of life are amplified by innovation, connection and creativity. An experienced advocate, coach and speaker, Brianna seeks to leverage interests, connections and demonstrations as critical instructional design elements to achieve the highest levels of learning.


8:00-8:30 Registration

8:30-8:45 Getting Started

8:45 -10:45 Team Activity & FRS Framework

10:45-11:00   Networking Break

11:00-12:00   FRS Framework (con't)

12:00-12:45 Lunch   

12:45-1:30  FRS Framework (con't)

1:30-2:30  Collaborative Leadership and School Culture

2:30-3:00 FRS Tools & Band Resources to Drive the Transformation

3:00-3:15 Evaluation, Wrap Up, & Next Steps

Check out the detailed agenda here. 

Registration Fee:

General Registration:  $30.00

NHSTE Premium/paid Member Registration: $25.00

NHSTE Event Coupons:  1 Coupon Numbers; Please select, pay as "Manual" when registering and email the coupon numbers to, your payment will then be confirmed. Thank you!

Team Registration is also available!  Register up to 4 team members from the same school or SAU for the same fee as 2 team members!

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