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A Sweet Classroom Competition - win $2,000!

Stan Freeda in 2009
A Sweet Classroom Competition - win $2,000!
by Stan Freeda - Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 2:00 PM

The New Hampshire Maple Producers have redesigned their annual Felker Award to include classroom maple production.  The goal is to have your students produce a quart of maple syrup and learn about the science, math, social studies and language arts involved in the process. If you want to be in the running for a $2,000 prize, just follow some simple steps:

1.    complete and submit application by 2/1/17

2.    with the help of an assigned mentor, collect roughly 10 gallons of sap and boil it down to syrup.

3.    submit the syrup to the NH Maple Producers by 4/16/17 to be judged at their annual summer meeting

No need to worry, the NH Maple Producers will provide a mentor to help you along the way and possibly loan you the materials as well! NH Agriculture in the Classroom is working on curriculum which focuses on the core academic areas involved in producing maple syrup.  Educational materials will be available by the start of the maple sugaring season.

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