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Surplus Equipment and Devices Free to Good Homes

Stan Freeda in 2009
Surplus Equipment and Devices Free to Good Homes
by Stan Freeda - Wednesday, March 25, 2015, 12:35 PM

The NH Disability Determination Service has excess equipment available for non-profit, educationally-related donation.  Equipment must be picked up at the Disability Determination Service Center at 21 South Fruit Street, Suite 30, in Concord.  As equipment goes,  they will need to record S/N’s and receiving school or educational non-profit for the government’s Sunflower Asset program.

A partial list of items that need good homes is:

  • Three (3)  IBM/UPS   PowerBase 5124      Note:   Approx. 40 lbs each.    Working fine – used w/our in-house iSeries until 2/11/2015.  (wooden pallet they’re sitting on stays here)
  • Sony Videoscope Projection TV;     45” screen;  Dimensions:   50” tall, 42” wide; 20” deep
  • 40 GB Hard Drives.  Total of 60.    New. Still packaged in three (3) boxes of 20 each.
  • 16 Labtec desktop microphones for PC voice access
  • 20 Keyboards:    some still boxed   
  • Two (2) IBM Selectric Typewriters
  • Ten chairs w/flip side writing surfaces (metal chair/cloth seat & back)
  • One (1) 5-drawer Metal Lateral File Cabinet.  Tan.   62” H, 30” W, 18” deep.
  • 25 Stereo Headphones w/6’ cables (still boxed)      
  • Ten  APC Surge Arrest Personal Power Strips
  • 27 HP Compac dc700 Convertible Mini-Towers  (wiped – no OS)

More items to come next week.    Among them are at least five (5) wiped servers and a few UPS’s – details to follow.       At the end of April, the DDS will be getting a workstation refreshment and will have approx 58 HP 8000 Elite Compac Elite’s -2 GB (completely wiped) and a number of keyboards, mice and LCD monitors available for donation.   More detailed specs and numbers once the units are ready to go.

Social Security Administration Guidelines allow equipment donations to:

Under EO 12999, we can transfer excess, educationally-useful computer equipment, including peripheral equipment and software, to schools and nonprofit institutions, including community‑based educational organizations, that service youth in prekindergarten through grade 12.


  • Schools: Individual public or private educational institutions encompassing prekindergarten through twelfth grade, as well as public school districts, public and private colleges and universities, American Indian Tribes, and Tribal Nations.
  • Community‑Based Educational Organizations: Non­profit entities that engage in collaborative projects with schools or have education as their primary focus. These organizations qualify as nonprofit educational institutions or organizations in accordance with section 203(j) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended.

Please contact Rayne Leavitt-Esmel if you are interested in having some of this equipment or if you have any questions.

Rayne Leavitt-Esmel
NHDDS Systems Development Specialist
Social Security Disability Determination Svc.
Office:  (603) 271-3341, x309
Blackberry:  (603) 419-9287