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OPEN NH Fall Session Courses starting soon. Register Now!

Stan Freeda in 2009
OPEN NH Fall Session Courses starting soon. Register Now!
by Stan Freeda - Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 9:18 AM

The Fall Session of OPEN NH will begin October 1. 

OPEN NH Fall 2014 Session Registration will be closing soon.  Register for your fall session course today. Courses are discussion-based, run for 7 weeks, earn you 35 professional development hours, and cost $130. 

The courses scheduled to run in the Fall Session are:

AR-01 Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom
BP-01 Creating and Using Meaningful Rubrics that Assess Student Work
BP-09 Using Web 2.0 Tools for 21st Century Learning and Teaching
BP-16 Understanding Gender Equity Issues in STEM Education
IE-03 Intel Elements: Thinking Critically with Data
IE-04 Intel Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms
LA-05 Implementing ELA-Literacy CCSS – Focus on Assessment & Reading Standards
LT-05 Accommodating ESL/ESOL Students in the Classroom
MA-11 Exploring Common Core Math Practices
SC-05 Matter and Energy: Basic Concepts of Science Literacy 1
SS-05 Teaching American History Using Primary Sources and Internet Resources