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Free Water Program for Teachers

Stan Freeda in 2009
Free Water Program for Teachers
by Stan Freeda - Monday, July 29, 2013, 8:28 AM

We have eight places left at this free program next week. We are looking for additional teachers and educators to sign-up. – Outreach specialists from agencies, utilities, county officers, and non-profits are also welcome to attend.

Call 228 5444 or go to www.agwt/events to register. [Questions? e-mail]

ORGANIZED BY: Green Mountain Conservation Group & American Ground Water Trust


WHEN: Tuesday, July 30 and Wednesday, July 31, 2013 (9:00am to 4:00pm – lunch provided)

WHERE: The Community School, 1164 Bunker Hill Road, South Tamworth, New Hampshire 03883

COST: FREE! Includes lunches, snacks and a (big) bunch of handouts

GRADES: All grades welcome – focus is Middle & High School teachers and general citizen water awareness educators

SUBJECTS: Water reaches all subjects! Presentations are all related to water issues in New Hampshire.

PRESENTERS: Experts from the private sector, state and federal agencies and non-profit water education organizations

WHY?: The program will give a unique opportunity for teachers to explore aspects of water that are relevant to New Hampshire. Water science and water management experts from the water industry and government agencies will be presenting the program. We recognize that teachers in all grades must adhere to state standards for content and required learning objectives, and so our approach, through class sessions, demonstrations, discussions and handouts, is to demonstrate how to integrate water topic subject matter into existing curricula. The program will show that exciting and practical "water science" can be applied to many traditional subject areas.

Those involved in non-formal education and/or in educating the public will benefit from this crash-course on the background to water supply and environmental issues.

We believe that teachers educators who are excited about environmental education and who are provided with some training in water-related cause-and-effect will be more likely to effectively teach environmental concepts to their students with a positive and motivating style. Our Institutes get teachers excited and focused. There are thousands of school storerooms groaning with unused curriculum materials. The institutes get teachers fired up to make use of the many excellent materials that are already available.

Typically we have a full spectrum of teachers who teach science subjects, very few of whom have had much training or prior experience of basic hydrologic or environmental aspects of water, water supply or water related issues. We will give you background on topics such as the state’s water resources, impacts of hydraulic fracturing, road salt and ground water quality, use of gray water, climate change and water supply, how water softeners and iron removal systems work.

The American Ground Water Trust has organized over 60 training programs for teachers in 17 states. The very first water program was held in Waterville Valley, NH in 2000. We are back in New Hampshire with this action-packed two-day event in Tamworth.

Students, and older citizens, made aware of the economic and environmental importance of water resources and aquatic habitat are likely to become motivated to protect and conserve resources. As the future voting citizens in New Hampshire we hope students impacted by water-savvy teachers will recognize the connected and integrated nature of the environment and therefore be empowered to play an active role in protecting resources for sustainable use.

Andrew Stone
Executive Director American Ground Water Trust
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Concord, New Hampshire 03301
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