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Humanizing Our Organizations Through Social Media

Stan Freeda in 2009
Humanizing Our Organizations Through Social Media
by Stan Freeda - Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 7:11 AM
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Social Media is becoming dominant in every facet of our society. I remember years ago, walking into a church for a concert and seeing on their TV screens, links to their Facebook and Twitter pages and them sharing ways that you could connect to them. It was interesting to think of an institution that is usually known for being so steeped in tradition, thinking of ways they could use this new technology to connect with people that live in an ever-changing world. Yet we still see many schools and school districts fearful of what social media can do in a negative manner to possibly the way they do their day-to-day “business” or even the impact it can have (in a negative way) on their reputation.

As more organizations outside of school begin to embrace social media, we have to think about what the purpose of using social media is and how we can learn from others. This technology has proven to be an effective way to learn openly, but there is also an opportunity to create a deeper connection with those that we serve.

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