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iNACOL Releases Principles for Model Education Legislation

iNACOL Releases Principles for Model Education Legislation
by OPEN NH Main Administrator - Monday, July 30, 2012, 8:34 AM

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Dear iNACOL Members and Partners,

Working across the field, I am proud to share with you iNACOL's Principles for Model Legislation in States, guidance created with student achievement front and center.

I hope that you will find these five principles helpful as you communicate with policy makers key points of thoughtful legislation for online and blended learning in your state.

iNACOL believes high-quality education is a civil right for each student, regardless of zip code or socio-economic background. Our mission is to ensure all students have access to a world class education and quality online learning opportunities that prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Please download a copy of the PDF at our website and share it with your online social communities via Scribd


Susan Patrick
President & CEO

The 5 Principles are:
  1. Competency Based Education
  2. Increased Access to Online and Blended Learning
  3. Outcomes –Based Accountability
  4. Increased Access to Effective Teachers
  5. Room for Innovation
See the iNACOL statement for details.