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Edutopia Special! Five Video Blockbusters for Educators

Stan Freeda in 2009
Edutopia Special! Five Video Blockbusters for Educators
by Stan Freeda - Thursday, May 31, 2012, 9:20 AM

Edutopia Special! Five Video Blockbusters for Educators

Get the popcorn and kick back with five of our all-time most popular videos and playlists:

David Garibaldi: From Outlaw to International Hip Hop Artist

Garibaldi and his crew are heading to Vegas on America's Got Talent. See his Edutopia interview on how a teacher helped him turn his life around.

Five-Minute Film Fest: TED for Teachers

This collection of videos is great brain food for inquisitive minds -- and inspiration for classroom lessons.

Quiet Transformation at an Embattled School

For a change of pace (and a good cry), see how a San Francisco middle school, surrounded by poverty and escalating violence, embraced a program of meditation that changed lives.

How Canada Is Closing the Achievement Gap

Call us nosy neighbors, but we love snooping in classrooms up north. Go inside one of the world's most successful school systems to see what we can learn.

Five-Minute Film Fest: DIY Education

This video playlist shares some great summer projects: How to make a mock Viper, set up a DJ station, or create inspiring robots and rockets.

BONUS VIDEO: Classroom Exercises Make Learning Lively

This oldie but goodie is one of our audience favorites. Watch fitness expert Joel Kirsch demonstrate techniques for maintaining mental clarity.