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Organization of your Tutorial

Main Tutorial Home Section
The Tutorial Home section is the uppermost section of the tutorial. The home section contains the tutorial name and some general information about the specific tutorial.

Announcements and Updates This forum contains notices about the tutorial content that might be of interest to those taking the tutorial. Once in the tutorial, you will be subscribed to this forum, which means that any news posted into this news forum will automatically be emailed to you. If you don't want to be subscribed to the forum, please go to the Announcements and Updates forum and select "unsubscribe" in the upper right hand corner.

Tutorial Resources This is a folder of files which you can download. They may be readings from the tutorial, or additional material of interest to you.

Syllabus The syllabus for the tutorial is located on the page opened by this link.

About This Tutorial contains general information about the OPEN NH program of courses and tutorials. It also contains information about the developers of the tutorial and any additional information about its sponsorship.

Broken Links Report Should you find that a link is not working properly in the tutorial, please go to this page and submit a broken links report. Please remember to include the Unit and name of the link that isn't working along with any additional details that might help us solve the problem. Note, links that may be blocked by your internet provider or school district are not broken. Normally, you can submit a ticket/report to the appropriate person and get the site unblocked for you.

Tutorial Content Units
The main content of the tutorial is provided in the Unit Content sections. Each unit content section has the unit number and the title of the unit, along with a brief description of the contents and activities that will engage you in the tutorial. To begin each unit, click on the Unit Assignments link, which will open up the Unit Page which has the assignment for the unit.

Unit Assignment The unit page has the unit Overview, Goals, and Assignments for you to complete in the unit. The assignments will help you achieve the goals of the unit and should be completed in total. The assignments may be links to website for reading, or may ask that you access files from the Tutorial Resources folder do something with them. There are normally several ways to access the materials, which may include links to off site, references to materials in the folder, and embedded materials from outside sites such as Scribd or YouTube. When the materials are outside links, the actual web address is provided for you in the Reading Links section. If you have trouble or difficulty accessing the material in one way, you may be able to access it in another way.

Unit Assessment After completing all the readings and assignments in the unit, click on the Unit Assessments link in the Unit Content section and follow the instructions for taking the assessment to complete the unit. When you have completed all the units and submitted all the assessments, don't forget to submit a Tutorial Completion notice.

Side Bars
The small areas to the right and left of the tutorial main space are called Side Bars. The information in these areas are not necessarily specific to the tutorial, or necessary for achieving the goals of the tutorial. This information is general information about OPEN NH and NH e-Learning for Educators, and provides links of interest should you want to learn more about the NH e-Learning for Educators program, or other services provided by the NH Department of Education.

Using your Tutorial

Unit Work
Each unit in this tutorial contains assignments and an assessment for you to take. All the materials are provided for you, either in links to sites on the web, or to readings. Each reading and activity has individual instructions for what you should do specifically. Readings and activities are matched with the outcome goals of the tutorial, so that you can successfully have experience and practice with the information. When you have completed all the assignments in the unit, take the unit assessment. Since this is a self paced tutorial, you can take as much time as you need to review the materials before taking the assessment. Assessments are set to allow you to retake it if you do not successfully pass the first time. The assessment will report a score back to you, but will not tell you the correct answers. You will need to score at least a 60% average of all the assessments in order to earn the Certificate of Completion for the professional development hours.

Completing the Tutorial
You have completed this tutorial when you have finished all the readings, activities, assignments, and assessments contained in all the units of the tutorial. In order to earn a Certificate of Completion, you have to finish all work and complete all the units. Since the tutorial is self paced, the time you take to complete the work is entirely up to you. However, in order to receive the Certificate of Completion, you have to send a Tutorial Completion Notice to OPEN NH. There is a link located in the Tutorial Home section for that purpose. Click on the link, write your name and date, and any input of comments you would like us to have regarding the tutorial or your experience in the text box and submit it. Once we have your notice, we can evaluate your participation and assessments and send you your certificate.