OPEN NH            OPEN NH Program Evaluation

Welcome to the OPEN NH Online Professional Development Course Pre-Survey for course participants.

We appreciate your taking the time to complete this survey. You input is very helpful to our ongoing program improvement.

We estimate that it will take you 10 – 15 minutes to respond to the questions. If you have more than one class with us, we do ask that you take the survey twice. Since your answers, both in the pre and post survey, are connected to the course you are taking, your answers are a reflection of that course, particularly in the post course survey. Each course survey will provide useful information about the course and the instructor. Both evaluations are very important to the development and improvemnet of our program. Since the survey system remembers your computer, you may have to clear your cache between surveys, or use a different computer for each survey.

Survey Links

Pre-Course Survey for Winter 2018 Session

The Pre-Course Survey link will be activated in the first week of the course. Please take the pre-course survey before you begin the course, as your first activity.

Post-Course Survey for the Winter 2018 Session

The Post-Course Survey link will be activated in the final week of the course. Please take the post-course survey after completing the last assignment and submitting your final project.

Once again, we appreciate your cooperation in our evaluation process. Your input is very important to us and to our program improvement efforts.