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    ICT Literacy 101

    Over the past few years, all of the New Hampshire School Approval Standards were revised, including a section that used to be called "Computer Literacy." On July 1, 2005, the newer standards took effect. This Moodle course area provides assistance to school districts as they revise their ICT Literacy Programs.

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    What does a model ICT Literacy Program look like?

    In grades K-8, the ideal ICT Literacy Program weaves technology, information literacy, and critical thinking experiences into all content areas and all grade levels, so that a student can demonstrate ICT competency by the end of 8th grade. In high school, the ideal ICT Literacy Program provides instruction which allows students to be engaged in technology and information literacy experiences that match their career aspirations. Digital portfolios created within the K-8 and 9-12 levels become tools to demonstrate competence, as they can show how students competently use ICT tools and strategies within the context of core content areas.

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    Read the Official Documents

    Standards for Ed 306.42: Below is a link to the actual text of the official standards (and a one page version of the same). As you read, notice the three sections: (a) outlines the overall K-12 program as an integrated approach to address five areas of competency, (b) describes the end-of-8th grade requirement, and (c) describes the high school graduation requirement.

    Technical Advisory #2: The New Hampshire Department of Education issues technical advisories to help districts understand the new School Approval Standards. TA#2 is listed below. It was originally released on January 18, 2006 and was subsequently revised to provide further clarification on April 6, 2006.

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    ICT Literacy Questionnaire 2006

    Beginning in January 2006, this ICT questionnaire has been used to gather information from NH educators about their current understanding of the standards and what kind of assistance they feel they need to improve their ICT Literacy Programs. Participants who complete this questionnaire also become part of a growing distribution list of interested educators who will receive periodic emails about new ICT resources and news.

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    Background Materials

    These ICT Literacy standards are based on standards and policy recommendations related to educational technology and information literacy which have begun to converge in the past few years.

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    Sample Materials from NH Districts

    Here is a sampling of materials developed by NH districts and shared with their permission.

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