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  • Topic 1

    Unit 1 Overview of Smarter Balanced Assessments

    A brief explanation of what Smarter Balanced Assessments are and what those assessments are like opens the presentation.  Testing dates and other relevent information is included in the overview.

  • Topic 2

    Unit 2  An Overview of the AIR NH Testing Portal

    The New Hampshire Smarter Balanced Testing Portal is the access point to all of the testing systems provided by AIR. It is also where you can find testing resources, help desk information, timely testing announcements, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  The portal is organized by user role.

  • Topic 3

    Unit 3 More About the AIR NH Testing Portal

    Additional resources and tools in the NH Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal include announcements and user pages.  Additional resources and capabilities will be available in the future.

  • Topic 4

    Unit 4 The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

    The Test Information Distribution Engine is  a role based system used for multiple tasks. It is used to manage user accounts and roles for all the AIR systems as well as managing student testing and demographic data. TIDE associates eligible students with assessments and tests, usually based on the student’s enrolled grade, and also stores accommodations and supports for testing, such as ASL and closed captioning.  Test appeals are also managed within TIDE.

  • Topic 5

    Unit 4 Test Delivery System Overview

    The Test Delivery System has two interfaces, the student interface where the students access the test, and the Test administrator interface where test administrators are able to proctor student tests.
    The test delivery system is used to provide access to practice and training tests where students can explore testing tools, check test settings, and practice testing. Test Administrators can practice administering tests, or administer tests for students who need to practice in a proctors setting, such as those who require print on demand.

  • Topic 6

    Unit 4 The Online Reporting Sytem

    The Online Reporting System is a secure, role-based system. Access to reports and data in the system depends upon the assigned user roles and the district and school associations. The system can be accessed through the portal. An authorized username and password is required.

    Note:  This system is currently not being used.  There will be updates on it in the future and training when appropriate.

  • Topic 7

    Unit 4 Demonstration:  Using the NH Test Portal

    An online tour of the NH Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal showing some of the features and how they are used.

  • Topic 8

    Unit 4 Special Populations

    This section discussed the ways in which the NH Portal will address special populations of students.

  • Topic 9

    Unit 4 Test Readiness

    The performance of the Test Delivery System depends on a number of factors, including bandwidth, number of students simultaneously testing, wireless networking configuration (if used), and secure browser.

  • Topic 10

    Unit 10 Student Registration and Processing

    The Department of Education released a document that addressses some frequently asked questions regarding the student entry and processing into the TIDE system. 

  • Topic 11

    Unit 11 Contact AIR for Help

    The closing of the workshop provided information on the AIR Helpdesk and link to the NH portal site.  A few final questions are addressed at the closing.

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