Weekly outline

  • May 31 - June 6

    orientation Orientation

    Welcome to the course "Meeting Student Needs Through Differentiated Instruction". We begin with an Orientation Session that will give you an introduction to the website and an opportunity to introduce ourselves to fellow participants as we experiment with the discussion board. You will also complete an Orientation Survey.

  • June 7 - June 13

    session 1 Defining Differentiated Instruction

    In this session you will be introduced to the differentiated instruction (DI) framework. Through several readings from experts in the field, you will understand the guiding tenets of DI, while also exploring some of the criticism and misconceptions that exist about DI.  You will also view a short introductory video from Carol Tomlinson in which she articulates the imperative need for differentiating classroom instruction for today’s students. In the discussion area, you will reflect on your current school and classroom practices regarding differentiation instruction.

  • June 14 - June 20

    session 2 Preparing Your Classroom for Differentiated Instruction

    In this session, you will review strategies for preparing both your classroom and your students to learn via differentiated instruction. You will also watch a video to see how a team of teachers at an elementary school plan interdisciplinary lessons together and challenge each other to incorporate strategies to differentiate instruction.

  • June 21 - June 27

    session 3 Identifying Student Strengths and Needs

    This week you will learn strategies to get to know students and to pre-assess their knowledge to help you differentiate your lessons so that everyone can achieve their maximum potential.

  • June 28 - July 4

    session 4 Strategies for Differentiating Your Instruction

    This session will provide you with resources and strategies that will help teach you how you can begin to differentiate instruction in your classroom so that all students are properly supported and challenged.

  • July 5 - July 11

    session 5 Using Technology to Support Differentiated Instruction

    This session will focus on incorporating technology into your planning, and how technology can help your students display their learning and knowledge. You will explore many different technology tools that will help you to differentiate instruction to adapt to students’ varied learning needs.

  • July 12 - July 18

    session 6 Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom

    In this session, you will explore a variety of strategies that you can use to assess student understanding and you will add your ideas about differentiated assessment to your planning template which will be submitted to your facilitator at the end of the session.