Weekly outline

  • January 27 - February 2



    This orientation session should be completed in the week before the start of this course. It includes an orientation survey, introduction to the course environment, and an opportunity to introduce yourself to fellow participants.

  • February 3 - February 9


    Maximizing the Learning Community

    This session focuses on methods to maintain a successful and vibrant online learning community. You will complete several readings on the subject, explore a visual representation of a learning community, and be introduced to a collaborative wiki environment that will be used throughout the course.

  • February 10 - February 16


    Supporting Participant Collaboration and Group Work

    This session will focus on effective ways to incorporate group work into an online course. As part of the session, you will participate in an authentic group task with fellow course participants and reflect on and evaluate your experience. You will also watch a short video from an experienced online facilitator about his experiences with online group work.

  • February 17 - February 23


    Using Media and Voice to Differentiate Instruction

    This session will focus on incorporating media and real voice into an online environment. You’ll review several resources for incorporating voice tools in an online course and try out either Vokis or Drop.io yourself. In the discussion, you will evaluate how you have used voice in past courses and consider the value it adds to an online course.

  • February 24 - March 2


    Providing Feedback and Ongoing Assessment Online

    This session will focus on effective ways to provide feedback and assess learning in an online course environment. You will focus on an updated version of Bloom’s Taxonomy that incorporates changes for the digital age. You will also explore two web tools that can be used for quick assessment and explore the unique assessment tools available in your course management system.

  • March 3 - March 9


    Drawing on Outside Resources to Enhance Instruction

    This session focuses on tools that allow you to easily incorporate outside resources into an online course environment. You will explore several blogs and experiment with creating an RSS feed. In the discussion you will reflect on what it means to have “authentic” conversation in an online course.

  • March 10 - March 16


    Strengthening Facilitation Through Effective Time Management

    Our final session will address ways to manage your time effectively when working in the flexible online environment. You will read two articles and watch a video from experienced online educators. Additionally, in the wiki you will reflect on time management challenges. In the discussion, you will consider the role technology can play in your time management and organizational strategies.

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