This course has been developed with a wide variety of K-12 educators in mind. Teachers in all content areas, as well as special education, paraprofessionals, and administrators could all gain a better understanding of inquiry-based education in general, and specifically how to incorporate using a SmartBoard with Web 2.0 tools or internet resources to engage students in an inquiry-based education that is technology rich. You will investigate how to apply the Five E Instructional Model (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation) and apply it to inquiry-based lesson planning that focuses on using a SmartBoard with your students as they engage in their lessons using Web 2.0 tools and internet resources. As a final project, you will develop a lesson plan that you can use in your classroom that applies the concepts covered in the course. Applications of inquiry-based education will also be discussed for using web tools with a SmartBoard to increase the 21st Century skills of both you and your students.

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