Using Differentiated Instruction Effectively in the Classroom is a seven-unit online course offered through OPEN NH. This course is designed to be completed in a seven-week period, with each week devoted to one unit. This online course has been designed to provide as a model of DI and to provide educators with the tools to assist them in the development of a lesson plan, meeting standards for all students. Kindergarten through grade 12 classroom teachers will be attracted to this online course and it is well suited to both novice and intermediate level teachers in DI. Each year, teachers are challenged to successfully and capably teach students in a heterogeneous classroom. Today's classrooms are rich with diversity; providing a range in abilities, learning styles, and educational needs as teachers strive to teach everyone and at the same time. Differentiated instruction (DI) moves the teacher away from the "one-size-fits-all" philosophy of teaching and toward the understanding that there are differences in all students.