Education has changed dramatically for both teachers and students. With mandated testing, increasingly diverse student populations, and constantly increasing professional responsibilities it is now more important than ever for each of us to use all available teaching strategies to make sure that we effectively and efficiently teach every student.

This course will provide opportunities for you to identify and use a variety of such strategies in your classrooms and to develop lessons incorporating key elements from several of the most current learning theories. Concepts and methods presented in "Universal Design for Learning," "Differentiated Instruction," "Gradual Release of Responsibility," and "Constructivist Teaching" will be addressed in order to help you to build an expanded set of instructional tools for your classroom practice.

Equally important to the design of good lessons is the development of authentic and appropriate assessments to guide your instructional planning. In this course you will also design pre- and post-assessment instruments to evaluate your students' prior knowledge, to measure their learning in response to your instruction, and to evaluate and deconstruct curriculum standards so as to present their content in student-friendly language.