ESOL Literacy Development Part 2 takes educators/administrators into the world of how second language (L2) learners acquire writing skills. Participants will gain a working knowledge of philosophies behind L2 writing acquisition, the role of socio-culture, and NH’s 2007 L2 learner writing proficiency levels (entering, beginning, developing, expanding, bridging, and reaching).
Educators will develop an in depth outline which is reflective of NH’s standards for English Language Proficiencies (ELP) and writing proficiency levels, including a mission statement that will provide as a guide to use in classrooms for L2 writing acquisition. This outline will provide as a tool to create a classroom environment and instructional philosophy that will assist L2 learners in the acquisition of writing skills. Although educators are the primary focus for this course, administrators will find this course a useful tool in the development of a school-wide view and practice of L2 writing skill acquisition.