This category is for tutorials that are provided by the NH Department of Education as part of our commitment to support and professional development for schools and educators.

Note: Some tutorials are currently in the upgrade or development process.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Updated tutorials and content will be available shortly.

Participants will learn how to use the student information/evaluation data to write Present Levels of Performance of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLOAAFP –IEP Page 2).  They will learn to use the pertinent student evaluation data combined with other current observation and assessment data to write present levels for each annual goal.  They will learn what components need to be included in the writing of measurable annual goals and objectives based on the each annual goal present level information; and how to write measurable annual IEP goals and objectives to help build the student skills so they can access, participate, and make progress in the general curriculum.

Those not currently employed by a NH School District and interested in taking the tutorial should contact the NH e-Learning for Educators Coordinator at the Office of Educational Technology.

Participation in this tutorial is free to NH School District educators by a grant from the Bureau of Special Education, but registration is necessary.  Register for this Tutorial.

This online tutorial will provide you with some basic knowledge of the Smarter Balanced Test and how to coordinate and administer the test using the NH Smarter Balanced Assessment Portal developed and maintained by the America Institutes for Research.  The tutorial content is based on face to face training workshops delivered in February 2015 by Jennifer Chou, Elizabeth Mortimer, and Colin Horner of the American Institutes for Research.

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